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Bringing More Rest & Relaxation into Your Busy Life Now!


I am constantly blown away by the body and its ability to communicate with each of us. It takes information from the outside world and decides how to respond. It also sends infinite messages from the internal systems to signals what the body needs now.

 At the moment my body is sending me messages saying ‘Rest’. I thank my body for these valuable messages and then find ways to integrate more into my life. For me taking a week or two off and dedicating it to rest is not part of my reality right now. So instead I integrate Living Meditation into my life. It is a practice that allows me to sense the moments of ‘non-doing’ as opportunities for meditation (or rest). From my forearm being at rest when I write on a piece of paper, to emptying out my inner dialogue as I wait at a red traffic light, to the pause between my inhale and exhale.

By simply bringing my awareness to the parts of my life that are in a space of  ‘non-doing’ I am able to discover endless opportunities to bring more rest, relaxation and restoration into my body and life.

 How will you sense more rest in your body, mind, and spirit today? 

 With Joy Lisa




Sensing and Releasing Your Wings


This week we create a connection between our hands and our shoulder blades. we look at how to release tension and stress stored in your body, and increase your range of movement. Learn quick exercises for activating movement in your shoulder blades and removing tension from you life. And discover the how this connects to your day to day life and interactions.