Embracing Change


So the last few weeks have brought with them a wave of change for me. Many others have also shared of big shifts that are happening in their lives. Thus a focus of Embracing change.
Yes, of course you can run from it, hide, yell loudly in the face of change… or you can choose to embrace it! The choice is always yours to make… so what’s it going to be?


The Body Knows What the Mind Does Not


So it has been a while since I created and shared a blog post with you lovely readers. I apologise for the delay, it appears that my life shifted away from the writing world for a while. And before I automatically jump to that place of guilt for ‘not doing what I should do’, I instead express gratitude for natural time.

Natural Time is what has given me permission to step aside from listening to the ever-chattering voice of “you should do this”, and instead trust what feels right in this moment.

I am exploring the concept of natural time and how it is not thought in our minds, but rather felt as a sensation in our bodies. It has invited me to switch out of my mental realm (a place where I spend a lot of time and find comfort in being there), and instead tune into the organic wisdom of my body.

Last week I spent time auditing the Nia Blue Belt training. It is an intensive that focuses on intimacy, communication and relationship, and boy did I experience a shift in the relationship I have with trusting my body. 

The big ‘arhha’ moment for me was when I realised that I am able to feel without thinking about it. I am able to feel purely based on what my body senses.

I discovered that “The body knows more then the mind thinks the body knows”, which broken down into a simpler form is “The body knows what the mind does not”.

So what did the voice of my body share with me… When I was moving in my own natural time my body shared the sensations of smooth seamless transition. I felt ease, comfort, authenticity, and intuitive knowing flooding every cell in my body. In contrast, when my body was not moving with natural time it sensed a jerky sharp and tight sensation that felt like I was being hastily propelled forward without adequate safety equipment, which was also accompanied by the feelings of fear, retreat and insecurity.

Instantly I observed and recognised where my habit existed, both in my movement practice and in my life. My habit resides in the latter, in the need to change when I think instead of when I feel. In the need to keep up and constantly please others, for surely if I didn’t I would end up being seen as a failure and ultimately cast away from the connection I so desperately crave.

Talk about a few truths being revealed to me, thank you body for that one! The exciting part about all this, if it hasn’t already been exciting enough, is that I now have the choice to shift my habit. I choose to feel through sensation and trust my body will reveal its own natural time. I can bring this into every day, every moment and trust that I am able to sense what feels right to me, and what doesn’t.

As you step into a new calendar year I invite you to check in with your BODY as you set your goals and resolutions. Ask your body what resonates with you and where you are in your journey. And let yourself ‘trust’ in the organic wisdom your sacred vessel holds, for that is the gift of natural time.

Blessings for the year ahead.

With love and Joy



Need a little Peace?… then just Breathe.


Hey lovely readers/viewers, so sorry that its been a while since my last post. Between weddings, workshops and everything else life brings to the mix, I temporarily drifted away from the blog scene. but alas I have returned and I promise that the next posts will be soon and more constant.
This week the simple reminder to “Breathe in and breathe out… and repeat”.
With Joy
Lisa x

Relationships …oh what Joy!


“It’s time to get personal”, well at least that is what I was told this morning at a networking event. It was in regards to blogging, and the power of making it personal. Now I actually do feel that I have made my blog pretty personal, in the sense of offering quiet intimate details about how I feel and view situation in my life. But the aspect that I may have missed was, are these topics that I share also personal to my readers… that’s you lovely beings.

I feel they are at some level, however it wasn’t high on my awareness list… so now when I write I will be thinking of you even more.

This week I am playing with the concept of relationships. In particular what we bring to each relationship in our life. There a three key components in a relationship there is ‘you’, there is ‘the other’ and there is ‘the relationship’ itself. Each deserving of the same level of attention and able to be sensed in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms.

But before I get carried away on that tangent, I want to address the concept of ‘the other’. Some of you may only view ‘the other’ as another human being, however that can be quiet a limiting view and can cause confusion when using the word relationship. Don’t worry if you have been thinking this way, it is perfectly fine, and it wasn’t so long ago that I too saw it that way. Thankfully the practice of Nia opened my eyes to this one and I have been exploring it ever since.

The concept or key participant of ‘the other’ can be pretty much anything, it could be a person, your body, an object, a place, a feeling, a sensation or even your beloved pet. It could be a chair, a banana, a friend, a toy, an injury, an emotional hurt, a scaring memory or a piece of clothing.  Like I said ‘the other’ in a relationship is pretty much anything.

So now that we have that sorted, we can explore what we bring to our relationships. We always have the power to choose what we want to bring to our relationships, remember a relationship consist of YOU, the other and the relationship; therefore YOU choose what you bring. For example, what are you bringing to your relationship with your body at the moment? Maybe you are bringing frustration. Frustration because it doesn’t fit into the clothes you want it too, or frustration that it is not as flexible as you would like it to be. The reason is unimportant, it is what you are bring that holds the true value, and can shape and effect your overall relationship.

So this week I am playing with ‘what I bring’ to each of my relationships, sensing how by shifting this I can alter and change the relationship as a whole. Instead of bringing negative qualities such as frustration, anger, doubt and fear, I am choosing to bring inspiring feelings of joy, acceptance, trust and love to my relationships. I invite you to do the same; here are 7 ideas to get you started…

What do you bring to Your relationship with-

  1. Your body
  2. Cooking dinner for the family
  3. Exercise
  4. Wearing shoes (a personal one that I am playing with)
  5. Loud music
  6. Your spine
  7. Stillness

I would love to hear how you go, what relationship you explored and any insights you may have received. Have fun playing… I know I will.

With Joy



Harmonising From Centre


Happy to share my second video blog with this weeks focus. And i must say that I feel it is an improvement on the last one, I’m pretty sure the top of my head returned from its adventures in the cyber world, with a little more knowledge of how to create a video blog with more ease… I also owe a thank you to a dear friend who gave me a few pointers.

This week’s focus is inspired by the martial art Aikido. After sharing a playshop on the 9 movement forms of Nia over the weekend, i found myself drawn to the loving and harmonious energy of Aikido, and the power that comes from deeply connecting to a place of centre in my body.

May you enjoy this clip, and may you dance through the rest of your week as you explore your centre in a loving way.
With Joy

Synchronised Unity


So this week I decided to have a go at a video blog. A found this to be a completely ‘New-to-me’ skill, as I played and harmonised in the sometimes challenging technology world.

Of course the perfectionist Virgo in me is far from happy with this clip, and it also appears that during the conversion from video to youtube I lost half of my head… it’s off floating around the cyber world somewhere, I’m sure it is having a fantastic time and learning plenty.

So you may question ‘why publish and post this, if you are not happy with it?’ Well, there was also another part of me, the same part that pushed me to write this blog for the first time, that said “Just do it Lisa, you gotta start somewhere”. So that I did…trusting that there must have been a reason that at 5.15pm on Tuesday afternoon the universe choose to shower me with inspiration to start a video blog. If anything it will act as a reference point for my growth. And I am sure I will look back one day and have a good laugh… if not today.
With Joy

An Agreement with Me


How do we break agreements that we have made with ourselves? How do we shed the beliefs and values that have been ingrained in us since we were born, shared from our parents and shaped by society? Are we able to let go of the agreements that no longer serve us on our current path?

I have been exploring and playing with these questions in my life.  I was first introduced to this idea through Nia’s practice of ‘Energy Allies’, which are based on ‘The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. When reading the book I started to gain an understanding of what agreements were and develop an awareness of some of the ones that I have made with myself.  I found that I was strongly influenced by agreements connected to body image and self worth. Agreements such as ‘being healthy means not being in a larger body’,  ‘if I want to loose weight I need to go on a diet or focus on ‘healthy eating’’, and ‘no one is going to want to date a chubby girl’. These are all agreements that I had created and believed to be true to me, and even though I was unaware at the time I created them, they were shaping the way I saw myself, and the world around me.

The good news I’ve discovered is that these agreements can be broken. In the case of my agreements with my body image, I am slowly removing the ones that no longer serve me, instead replacing them with what I now believe to be true to me. This has not been an easy or quick path. It has taken awareness, understanding, compassion towards myself, and support from others.

Four years ago, when I looked in the mirror all I saw was a fat person looking back at me. I didn’t believe that anyone could see me for who I really was, and had almost given up hope of that ever changing. I remember hearing things like “you need to love yourself before you can love another” and thinking what a load of crock, that is just a saying some hippy wrote while in a happy place, and it just happened to catch on.

So that was where my mindset was, making up stories and following agreements about being fat. Thankfully, I received an amazing agreement-breaking gift, for me it was the practice of Nia. I say practice for good reason, as it takes practice and is not an over night quick fix; self healing has its own natural time.

By allowing myself to deeply connect with my body and embrace the principles of Nia, I have started to shift my agreements with body image and self worth. So much so, that now when I look in the mirror, I actually do love what I see.  I find myself smiling when I look at my body, and more importantly I see more then just my physical being, I see all of ME.

In no way have I shifted all my agreements, there are still many that are deeply interwoven into my fabric. Nevertheless, I now know that it is possible to make new ones and break old habits. It simply starts with becoming aware. By compassionately allowing myself to recognise the agreements I have made, and then consciously allowing myself to create new ones that align with what I believe to be real and true to me, NOW.

May you kindly allow yourself to bring awareness to the agreements, beliefs and values you have in your life.  Remember to be gentle with yourself, as all these agreements served a purpose at some point. So thank them and, if they no longer serve you, let them go.

With Joy