This Blog is written by Me,  Lisa Silverstone. It has been created as a opportunity for me to share my truth and inspire others to be the best that they can be. I aim to give permission for people to embrace their true uniqueness and live their life purpose.

The title ‘niawithlisa’ is linked to my love for the practice of Nia. Nia is essentially a fitness class, however it offers more then just the basic physical movement. It also connects to mind, emotion and spirit. The foundation of Nia is that it is centred around ‘The Joy of Movement’ and ‘moving your body’s way’, basically, moving in a way that is pleasurable to YOUR body.

For me, Nia has changed the way feel about my body. It has taught me to look at life and the way I live in this world. Nia has invited me to look at the broader picture, to find beauty in each moment and to be the best that I can be. It has given me a deep confidence to truly be my authentic self.

This Blog shares how I see, feel, and sense the world I live in. How I consciously choose to interact within it, and how the practice of Nia continually allows me to grow and simultaneously evolve with this ever changing world. Each week I set a focus that weaves its way into my daily life.

I currently teach Nia classes on the Gold Coast, Australia. If you would like to know more about classes or the practice of Nia, or Me feel free to contact me Via email or on FaceBook


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