Do Not Be Afraid to Make Some Noise!


“Do not be afraid to make some noise”… If you ask me it appears our society is sending the opposite message. Simply think how many times we are shooshed, told to keep our voices down, or someone makes the comment “you shouldn’t say that”. It was just the other day that I was in the library softly chatting with a friend (yes I am aware this is a quiet space), when she said “I’m pretty sure you just said the word ‘sex’ way too loud for the library”, to which I cheekily replied “Well I’m pretty sure most people in here have had it”. Anyway the whole taboo on saying ‘sex’ is an entirely other blog post, my point is it feels as if we are so often being told to tone it down.

This though surely makes me wonder if this ‘shoosh syndrome’ is actually causing us to lock away our voices of truth. Are the emotions we feel on a daily basis being stored in our bodies instead of being expressed and released? The answers I came to were YES and YES, our voices of truth and emotions are being fastened away so darn tightly.

But fear not, I have adorned myself with detective attire and have been in search for clues into how we can release all the emotions pulsing through our bodies. The result was me discovering the art of Sounding.

A couple of weeks ago I was a friends Nia class and the focus invited me to use sounding to connect with my spirit, and wow what a powerful experience. Getting to move my body and have complete permission to make sounds was a liberating feeling to me. I felt the sounds come from deep within the core of my body. Each sound that emerged felt like a release, a letting go and an opening all in one. I made sounds that I hadn’t made for a long time, and accessed new tones. As I stepped out of the class I had this feeling of ‘this is me’, as if I had returned back to my truth and felt confident to be in that. I also felt that there were still more layers to be released, that this wasn’t a one off quick fix.

So again this week I have brought this in as my focus, I have been dancing with it in my Nia class, and have also been integrating it into my daily life. I have been playing songs in the car that invite me to sound along with them. I am embracing making a good auditable exhale when I feel the need to let go a little more. I feel as if I have added a new tool to my repertoire of healing, a new friend has joined the party and I am so loving its company.

So feel free to give sounding a go, explore new and familiar sounds roar, arhhh, woosh, ooohhh, mmmm, sisss, hayyy, hooo. Take time for you and please please please don’t be afraid to make some Noise!




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