What I Learnt this Week, Playing with the Big V… Vulnerability.


When I accept what I am feeling and allow myself to surrender into being with my truth I gain access to vulnerability. Standing in my vulnerability, owning it and honouring it has given me an opportunity to take another step into my worthiness.

During his past week, when someone has asked me how I was, I found my self sharing how I actually felt, instead of replying with the standard and safe response of “I’m good thanks”. The courage to be vulnerable and actually speak my truth of “I’m feeling overwhelmed and a little bit lost at the moment” instantly opened the door to a deeper level of authentic connection with others.

When I spoke my truth I received responses of ‘I know how you feel’, ‘I have been in that place before’, ‘I too am in that place now’. Connections of common humanness were formed and the story (that I had created) that I was the only person feeling this way dissolved. The sense of being alone transformed into a sense of being deeply held and supported. It felt safe to personally give myself permission to ask for help.

The response I received warmed my spirit beyond measure. Phone calls, emails, text messages, acts of love and support; each saying ‘I am here for you, you are not alone, we are in this together’. The goodness of the human spirit shone through and I felt worthy of being part of it.

With deepest gratitude to those beautiful being who openly shared their truth with me, so that I could better understand my own.

My message for this coming week is…

You are not alone, allow yourself to sense the infinite support surrounding you… and (if needed) its okay to ask for help.

With Joy and Gratitude




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