The Body Knows What the Mind Does Not


So it has been a while since I created and shared a blog post with you lovely readers. I apologise for the delay, it appears that my life shifted away from the writing world for a while. And before I automatically jump to that place of guilt for ‘not doing what I should do’, I instead express gratitude for natural time.

Natural Time is what has given me permission to step aside from listening to the ever-chattering voice of “you should do this”, and instead trust what feels right in this moment.

I am exploring the concept of natural time and how it is not thought in our minds, but rather felt as a sensation in our bodies. It has invited me to switch out of my mental realm (a place where I spend a lot of time and find comfort in being there), and instead tune into the organic wisdom of my body.

Last week I spent time auditing the Nia Blue Belt training. It is an intensive that focuses on intimacy, communication and relationship, and boy did I experience a shift in the relationship I have with trusting my body. 

The big ‘arhha’ moment for me was when I realised that I am able to feel without thinking about it. I am able to feel purely based on what my body senses.

I discovered that “The body knows more then the mind thinks the body knows”, which broken down into a simpler form is “The body knows what the mind does not”.

So what did the voice of my body share with me… When I was moving in my own natural time my body shared the sensations of smooth seamless transition. I felt ease, comfort, authenticity, and intuitive knowing flooding every cell in my body. In contrast, when my body was not moving with natural time it sensed a jerky sharp and tight sensation that felt like I was being hastily propelled forward without adequate safety equipment, which was also accompanied by the feelings of fear, retreat and insecurity.

Instantly I observed and recognised where my habit existed, both in my movement practice and in my life. My habit resides in the latter, in the need to change when I think instead of when I feel. In the need to keep up and constantly please others, for surely if I didn’t I would end up being seen as a failure and ultimately cast away from the connection I so desperately crave.

Talk about a few truths being revealed to me, thank you body for that one! The exciting part about all this, if it hasn’t already been exciting enough, is that I now have the choice to shift my habit. I choose to feel through sensation and trust my body will reveal its own natural time. I can bring this into every day, every moment and trust that I am able to sense what feels right to me, and what doesn’t.

As you step into a new calendar year I invite you to check in with your BODY as you set your goals and resolutions. Ask your body what resonates with you and where you are in your journey. And let yourself ‘trust’ in the organic wisdom your sacred vessel holds, for that is the gift of natural time.

Blessings for the year ahead.

With love and Joy




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