Relationships …oh what Joy!


“It’s time to get personal”, well at least that is what I was told this morning at a networking event. It was in regards to blogging, and the power of making it personal. Now I actually do feel that I have made my blog pretty personal, in the sense of offering quiet intimate details about how I feel and view situation in my life. But the aspect that I may have missed was, are these topics that I share also personal to my readers… that’s you lovely beings.

I feel they are at some level, however it wasn’t high on my awareness list… so now when I write I will be thinking of you even more.

This week I am playing with the concept of relationships. In particular what we bring to each relationship in our life. There a three key components in a relationship there is ‘you’, there is ‘the other’ and there is ‘the relationship’ itself. Each deserving of the same level of attention and able to be sensed in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms.

But before I get carried away on that tangent, I want to address the concept of ‘the other’. Some of you may only view ‘the other’ as another human being, however that can be quiet a limiting view and can cause confusion when using the word relationship. Don’t worry if you have been thinking this way, it is perfectly fine, and it wasn’t so long ago that I too saw it that way. Thankfully the practice of Nia opened my eyes to this one and I have been exploring it ever since.

The concept or key participant of ‘the other’ can be pretty much anything, it could be a person, your body, an object, a place, a feeling, a sensation or even your beloved pet. It could be a chair, a banana, a friend, a toy, an injury, an emotional hurt, a scaring memory or a piece of clothing.  Like I said ‘the other’ in a relationship is pretty much anything.

So now that we have that sorted, we can explore what we bring to our relationships. We always have the power to choose what we want to bring to our relationships, remember a relationship consist of YOU, the other and the relationship; therefore YOU choose what you bring. For example, what are you bringing to your relationship with your body at the moment? Maybe you are bringing frustration. Frustration because it doesn’t fit into the clothes you want it too, or frustration that it is not as flexible as you would like it to be. The reason is unimportant, it is what you are bring that holds the true value, and can shape and effect your overall relationship.

So this week I am playing with ‘what I bring’ to each of my relationships, sensing how by shifting this I can alter and change the relationship as a whole. Instead of bringing negative qualities such as frustration, anger, doubt and fear, I am choosing to bring inspiring feelings of joy, acceptance, trust and love to my relationships. I invite you to do the same; here are 7 ideas to get you started…

What do you bring to Your relationship with-

  1. Your body
  2. Cooking dinner for the family
  3. Exercise
  4. Wearing shoes (a personal one that I am playing with)
  5. Loud music
  6. Your spine
  7. Stillness

I would love to hear how you go, what relationship you explored and any insights you may have received. Have fun playing… I know I will.

With Joy




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