Synchronised Unity


So this week I decided to have a go at a video blog. A found this to be a completely ‘New-to-me’ skill, as I played and harmonised in the sometimes challenging technology world.

Of course the perfectionist Virgo in me is far from happy with this clip, and it also appears that during the conversion from video to youtube I lost half of my head… it’s off floating around the cyber world somewhere, I’m sure it is having a fantastic time and learning plenty.

So you may question ‘why publish and post this, if you are not happy with it?’ Well, there was also another part of me, the same part that pushed me to write this blog for the first time, that said “Just do it Lisa, you gotta start somewhere”. So that I did…trusting that there must have been a reason that at 5.15pm on Tuesday afternoon the universe choose to shower me with inspiration to start a video blog. If anything it will act as a reference point for my growth. And I am sure I will look back one day and have a good laugh… if not today.
With Joy


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