P is for Pleasure


So for the last few days my word has been ‘Pleasure’…. Say it with me, P-L-E-A-S-U-R-E. And as it turns out, it is way more then just a word, a thought, an idea, a notion… It is a sensation!!! A delicious sensation that comes in many forms and continually feeds and nurtures my spirit in new ways.

For some, pleasure may be a sensation that is not one of familiarity; maybe for you the word itself has sexual undertones to it. For others, pleasure may be something that you have to make time for, that it needs to be act of ‘doing’, that in order to receive pleasure you need to put some sort of effort in.

However, I am quickly discovering that the most blissful pleasure is received when it is not planned. When I am able to relax into the moment, open up and let the beauty of this world wash over me in an uncontrolled wave. Allowing myself to open my eyes, arms, chest and heart to receive the truth of this world. To be inspired and nurtured by nature, to observe and move with the sun, the water, the rocks and the waves.

I have begun to see pleasure as an act of receiving from both the ‘doing’ and the ‘non-doing’.  I have the choice to seek out pleasure in my life and move with it in each moment of actively doing. I am also able to find pleasure in a place of non-doing, by simply slowing down, opening my eyes and pausing for a moment to view ‘Life As Art’ I receive pleasure in the form of living meditation.  Each wave of pleasure seamlessly washing over me and enhancing my life force energy.  Leaving me feeling relaxed, centred, safe, energised and filled with love and gratitude for all that surrounds me.

This week’s focus is centred in Pleasure, a bit of a no brainer really. May you connect to the pleasure of ‘Dancing Through Life’. Bringing your awareness to your body and choosing to let each moment of ‘doing’ feel like a dance. An invitation to fill each movement, each activity, each moment of ‘doing’ with divine and whole body PLEASURE!!

Go on; Pleasure your self all week!!! 

With Joy




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