Coming Home


The word ‘Home’ has danced its way into my mind, body and spirit in this last week. Home, home, home just keeps coming up, as I start to question what is home? What makes a home? Can you have more then one home at the same time? And what is the sensation of home in my body and for my spirit?

After leaving my home on the Gold Coast, travelling to my other home on the South Coast of NSW and then returning to my home on the Gold Coast, I feel I have a little more clarity on some of these questions. During these travels I also came across the following quote:

 “It’s the awareness and intention we bring to a place that imbues it with a sacredness”

These words resonated with me and gave me the clarity that I needed. They gave my mind a definition to work with in creating a dialogue for ‘what home means to me’. An understanding that, any place can be my home if it is the intention I choose to bring to it.  Or in contrast, I choose not to bring to it.  I received clarity that it is possible to have more then one home at any given time.

For me, some of my homes have a level or permanency, such as my parent’s home. I feel safety and comfort in the knowing that this is a place I am always welcomed. A place that constantly promises good food, a bubble bath, warmth and love… and free washing facilities.

I also have a sense of home as being more of a casual place. Almost as if I know that I will not be in this home for a long period of time, yet there is a reason I am here. That this place is an interval, a rest stop, a new lesson to be learnt, a fresh space to create, and an opportunity to grow and gain new life knowledge.

There are many differences between a home of permanency and of temporary resting, however I sense a deep commonality within them. Both fill my body, mind and spirit with a similar sensation and essence. For my body home is sensed as a place to rest in stillness, and to move with freedom and comfort. For my mind, it offers both a place to avoid the confusion of the busy world outside and a place for contemplation and creating clear vision. For my spirit, home is safety and love in all its shades. It is not always a place of harmonising and peaceful love, sometimes it is filled with challenges and conflicts. But it is always filled with a shade of Love and heart… and as it has been said before ‘Home is where the heart is’

I too receive this sense of home when I dance Nia. The feelings of freedom, comfort, clarity, harmonising, challenges and love continually move within my being. It is from here that I created this week’s focus of ‘Coming Home to Your Body’. Allowing the sensations of your body to connect you to the essence of your being and the universal Joy that exists all around you.

“Every place has a spirit and if we stay long enough and listen closely it will speak to us and help guide our lives”.

Let that place be your body and may you embrace each sensation as a messenger and seeker of pleasure, comfort and ease, as you gently sense what home is for you.

With Joy




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