A Community Connection


In a brief conversation over the weekend, I was re-minded of one of the greatest gifts I have received from the practice of Nia; it is Community.  I treasure being in a supportive space, where I am able to be my self, and simultaneously feel a deep connection to others.

Growing up in the suburbs of Sydney, I never felt a connection to community. Sure I was involved in the usual childhood activities of sports, and social outings, however I cannot recall ever feeling like I truly belonged.

At the age of 14, my parents made a seachange and moved our family to the South Coast of NSW.  This was not an easy transition for me, but one that I am eternally grateful my parents made me make; for this is where I began to feel the sensation of community.

Even though my belonging in this community was still greatly influenced by my parents, I started to feel recognised as an individual.  I felt connected with the natural world of land, surf and fresh air, and like-minded people that appreciated and valued this. I would get asked ‘how I was’, and ‘what was new in my life’ while sitting around a campfire with people of all ages and from all walks of life. I was seen as an individual and as part of the collective community.

It is now, as an independent being, that I am able to consciously choose the communities that I find connection with. At this point in my life, I feel strongly connected to my Nia community, one that branches from me as an individual, and connects me with others locally, around Australia and throughout the world. 

In this community I am surrounding by the most courageous and inspiring beings. I continually witness acts of kindness, bravery, sadness and love. I have cried till there are no more tears and laughed till my stomach and cheeks hurt. I have held others and been held. I have received permission to dance with contrast, shadow, light, love and truth.  I have learnt the power of gratitude, play, surrendering, being open, breathing and unconditional love. And most importantly in this community I am able to be Lisa. I am able to be myself without the fear of judgement or disapproval. To be fully seen in my truth and as a unique individual, while feeling deeply connected to the whole.

This week’s focus, if you haven’t guessed it yet, is ‘Connecting to Community’. With the invitation to connect to your centre, to what makes you You, and what makes you unique. As we build one’s own centre, the centre of our relationship with our community can become stronger.

May you embrace and sense gratitude for the deep connections you have with your community.  Take a little time to connect to your centre, and bring attention to the yin and yang of life “One cannot exist without the other”.

With Joy




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