The Warrior Within


When I set last weeks focus of ‘Grounded Presence’ I had no idea how much I was going to call on it. I set the focus on Sunday night, and by midweek I found myself an emotional mess. My car pulled to the side of the road as I cried, and desperately felt the desire to escape and find space.

I was quickly re-minded to take a few grounding breaths, which allowed me to receive a clear message. I needed to physically remove myself from the space that had triggered this emotional response. Instantly, my inner dialogue turned to thoughts of avoidance; as if somehow, by leaving the situation I was taking the easy way out and surrendering to a lack of inner strength.

Fortunately, these thoughts did not hang around for too long.  A few reassuring words and hugs from a friend, and a perfectly timed read, had me back in a grounded mindset.  The words that danced across the page and into my inner being were that of the warrior.  The book, Holding the Center, shared the meaning of a warrior;

 “The warrior’s aim is not to win fights, but to protect and cultivate life. Crossing the street and walking away may be appropriate ways to resolve conflict. A relaxed, balanced presence can convert a physical or emotional blood-letting into a handshake. But be assured that these moves were made by those who had put their training in. It was not done because nothing else was possible; it was only one of many options”

From these words, I received a strong message.  In that given moment, I had chosen the appropriate option for myself and the other involved. By walking away I was not surrendering to defeat or showing a lack of strength, I was cultivating life. I was protecting myself, the other and our relationship.

I was also re-minded that instead of speaking from a place of anger, fear and frustration that I have the power to choose to act from a place of love.  To take time and space to ground myself, so that I am able to share my truth from a heart centred place.

It is from this ‘receiving’ that I set this weeks focus of Time and Space. As I play with sensing natural time and trusting the present moment. Letting my body’s physical sensations guide me to trust the now! To trust that what I need to know, at any moment, will be revealed. That there are no mistakes and knowing that every step along my path has lead me to where I am meant to be right NOW, in this present moment.

May you connect to your own natural rhythms, and trust that the warrior spirit lives within you.  You have the power to choose how you respond in the present moment.

With Joy




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