Stepping In With My Truth


I begin to write my very first blog, and I find myself connecting to a similar sensation as when I step into a Nia class. I consciously choose to leave distractions behind me, as I slowly breathe in the present moment. I do not know what the path directly ahead holds, nor do I need to know. I simply trust that I have followed the right signs, and have all the knowledge and wisdom within my being.

I now sit quietly and ask myself the questions of ‘What do I want to share in this blog?’, ‘What will make my blog different to the million of others out there?’ and the ultimate questions of self doubt ‘Will anybody read it?’ or worse ‘Will they like it?’.

So to these questions I respond; I will share my truth. My truth of how I see/feel/sense the world I live in, how I consciously choose to interact within it, and how the practice of Nia continually allows me to grow and simultaneously evolve with this ever changing world. As I speak and share my truth I will organically layer this blog with its own uniqueness, my own uniqueness.  In doing so I make this blog completely different to the millions of others out there. As no other being on this planet has exactly the same truth or uniqueness to share as I do. I speak that not from a self-centered place, but as a sacred birthright that I, and each and every one of you, have.

As for the other questions generated by self-doubt I say hahahaha in their face. I will simply trust that those who need and want to read my blog will. I will trust that I have something special to share with this world, and my words have the power for positive change, be it big or small.

On that note I share my focus for the week ‘To Activate a Grounded Presence’. In a time when I sense a lack of trust in my own path in life, I am choosing to ground myself and stay present in each moment. To let the worries, fears, self-doubts and insecurities be overpowered by a deep personal connection to my body and the earth. To use this connection as a way of remaining present, of staying awake and breathing in each unique moment.

“Presence is being present- a state impregnated with an open-ended curiosity, relaxation and power that comes from seamlessly knitting together one’s mind, body, and spirit”- R.Strozzi-Heckler.

May you too, invite a grounded presence into your week and allow the magic of each moment enfold you with new and unique gifts.

With Love and Joy




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  1. Lisa, you are so inspiring. Thank you for snapping me out of my self-pitty and reminding me to stay present in the moment. I look forward to your future blogs xoxo

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